Why is Advocacy Important?

Having a strong presence in North Carolina’s legislative arena ensures that the voice of the out-of-home advertising industry is heard when legislators are considering bills that affect our industry. If we don’t make our voices heard, we will be at the mercy of those who do.

Effective advocacy requires being pro-active and ensuring that legislators and other policymakers understand how their decisions could affect our industry. NCOAA strives to ensure that your voice is heard early in the legislative process, not after a bill has already become law.

Advocacy is an ongoing process. The stakes are too high to become complacent or rest on our laurels – we must be constantly vigilant in ensuring that our voice is heard.

Why Join the NCOAA PAC?

Supporting the NCOAA PAC amplifies our collective voice. A successful Political Action Committee is essential to creating a presence and ensuring that the outdoor advertising industry’s voice is heard.



By making a financial contribution today, you will help us maintain a strong PAC and ensure that we can continue to support candidates who understand and support issues that are important to our industry.

Important: Any contributions must be from PERSONAL FUNDS. No company funds may be used, and it is unlawful to reimburse someone for making a contribution.


Please address the check to NCOAA PAC and send to:
209 Fayetteville St. Box 6
Raleigh NC 27601

Rules and Regulations

Outdoor Advertising is the most strictly regulated advertising medium in North Carolina. Our industry must adhere to regulations imposed by Federal, State, County and Municipal entities. No other major media platform is subject to this many layers of regulation.

In addition to adhering to external laws and regulations, NCOAA members have adopted a set of voluntary industry principles. NCOAA endorses this code and encourages its members to operate in conformance with the below-listed principles.