North Carolina Outdoor Advertising Association

The outdoor advertising industry stimulates North Carolina’s economy by creating jobs, generating revenue for property owners, and helping businesses reach potential customers.

Billboard advertisers employ more than 9 million people, according to an analysis by iMapData.  
Roadside displays allow advertisers to reach consumers where they spend 70% of their waking hours--outside of the home.

Outdoor Advertising Works

“Starting a new business is always a challenging thing to do. The one thing that every business needs is customers to purchase what they’re selling  -  that’s where Lamar comes in! They not only have some of the best locations for billboard advertising, but they treat you like more than a client. My Lamar account representative came to my store to better understand what I was looking for, and drove me to look at each billboard location to help determine if they were right for me. I am confident that a large part of my success in driving customers off the interstate and into my parking lot are my four Lamar billboards!”  -  Mark B. Morse, Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A Lumberton, NC 

“I want to express my distinct satisfaction with the billboard Lamar Outdoor Advertising designed for the city of Fairmont. I believe that with 40,000 cars per day traveling south on I-95, that many beach travelers will heed the billboard’s advice and take a shortcut through my town, saving them both time and gas. This will result in increased economic traffic and positive exposure for us. I had a vision that this project could help our town, and your professional and creative team have made my dream a reality.” - Charles Kemp, Mayor of Fairmont, NC 

“We had a high-profile football player from the NFL (not the Panthers) who just moved here, drive into the dealership in his Porsche this summer. He said he was headed for a competitor to purchase a car.  Just before he got to the competitor’s dealership, he saw our billboard and continued on to our dealership instead of stopping at his original destination. He did not know there was an Audi dealer nearby until he saw the billboard. He left with a vehicle with an MSRP of $100K plus. He then referred a friend, and he too purchased a similar car. This is only one of many examples of the effectiveness of our one billboard, strategically placed on Independence Blvd!” - Audi of Charlotte 

"Impactful. Powerful. Memorable. These words describe the billboard campaign designed by Adams Outdoor for The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte. Because of the campaign, our message in the Charlotte area is imprinted on the minds of thousands every day, allowing us to raise the funds necessary to serve those who need us the most.” - Salvation Army

Keeping Children Safe

The outdoor advertising industry partners with the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and routinely supports the process of saving missing children by posting digital Amber Alerts on area roadways.

Prioritizing Sustainability

NCOAA members practice sustainability by utilizing recyclable billboard vinyl, and the outdoor advertising industry as a whole is currently upgrading to LED lighting to further reduce their almost non-existent carbon footprint.

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